About Us

About Us

JapanBestCosmetic.com is an online beauty supply store in Tokyo.

We choose and sell only the best japanese cosmetics, skin care products and beauty and anti aging supplements to the world. 

Our company name is Japan Ideal Business Co Ltd and we are founded since 2012 in Tokyo

We introduce and recommend the best makeup brands with rich cosmetics database to our world wide customers.

Our ideals of beauty are simple effective skin care, natural makeup and  perfect skin.

We strive to be the leading make up store by supplying the best skin care products, natural cosmetics and anti aging products to our customers.

In addtion, we give beauty tips and tricks, advice on best makeup tips and how to be beautiful naturally.through our makeup tutorial videos which will be released soon. 

Our objective is to make girls look cuter and women and men look younger and more attrative. 

What We Sell
Japan is famous for its anti-aging cosmetology. One good example is the Japanese singer Ms. Matsuda Seiko. She is 55 years old but she looks like in her 30s. Another forever young singer is Namie Amuro. http://namieamuro.jp  She is 39 years old but she looks like in her 20s. Although some may think that they look young and attrative is because of plastic surgeries. However, good skin care products and beauty supplements are also help in mataining your looks. Therefore you can find the best mascara and the best anti- aging cream from our products lists. Our company's objective is we sell only the best japanese cosmetics and health and beauty supplements from Japan.       

Quality Control
Our main  priority is the quality of our stores' products. We pick the best seller products and we personally tested and used those products before introducing them to our customers. We only offer the best qulaity products with the best ingredients to our valued customers to generate repeat businesses. We only recommend and sell the best quality of current trends of cosmetics products and  beauty supplements cater only for domestic market to our overseas online customers.

Professional Service
We will not just sell online without any before and after sale services such as products recommendation and advice. We will make sure that our customers will satisfy after having done their online shopping with us. If our customers require our assistance regarding the product's usage and its effectiveness before purchasing our products, we will provide the support in products enquiry.  

Contact Us For Orders By Paying Through Our Paypal Invoice (until new website is ready)
If you have problems in purchasing our products, please do not hestitate to contact us !  We could be reached at japanbestcosmetic@gmail.com or call us at +8109086811777(LINE/WECHAT) during office hours  1400 to 1800 Japan Time . We will get back to you within 24 hours!

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