Coyori is an organic anti-aging Japanese skin care brand.

Women worry about  wrinkles, dull pigmentation dry skin. Coyori pursues the cause, and discovered that  "reduction of sebum is caused by aging."

Coyori ingredients are carefully selected, blended with 53 natural ingredients that have been demonstrated to be highly effective chosen among  500 species of plants and herbs collected from all over Japan. These plants and herbs with its own  additive-free criteria are safe for everyone. 

Coyori  anti- aging  skin care brand uses natural skin care ingredients , no additives, combines with high efficacy and safety.

Coyori  researches extensively the  changes of the skin texture and the causes of skin trouble due to aging

Coyori has discovered that "sebum is the (natural aging care cream)" 

Coyori  focuses on  aging care treatments by using  "sebum" from four ideal plants. 

Vegetable oil which is rich in fatty acid, from a combination of a number of plants, is found to be close to sebum

The most effective  four vegetable oil that resembles sebum are (olive oil, camellia oil, yuzu seed oil and rice bran oil) 

Coyori  carefully selected the four plants' oil as they have the same sebum composition which can achieve  close to the skin natural sebum state.

Coyori thorough research mixing balance has developed and produced  Coyori "anti-aging beauty liquid oil".

Coyori continues to  develop high quality products to solve the problems of aging skin through its ongoing research 

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