Maquillage Lady Red


Maquilage Lady Red is Maquilage own intergration of fake blood pigment that has created triple lip colors. 

Maquilage Lady Red is more beautiful, more fit and more shine triple lip colors. You can easily find the color that you want to look incredibly good.

Maquilage  Lady Red triple colors have the florid sense with the reproduction of "beautiful florid sense lip colors" which are vivid lip colors.

Maquilage Lady Red produces illuminating effect by taking the advantage of light to create beautiful lips that glow and shine

Maquilage Lady Red Color & Coating Material is uniformly dispersed to create  glossy look and vivid color for easy capturing of light.

Maquilage Lady Red powder changes to red to reproduce high color complexion.

Any skin type will look good on this triple color efffect as the colors are floating on the lips  

Maquillage Lady Red is the perfect color for today's women sexy impression.






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