RMK cosmetics


RMK cosmetics

RMK cosmetics fill with energy this spring as its theme is makeup style for circus colors which are vivid and vibrant face and lips eye & cheek colors that bring inspiration and joy. The colors also represent the circus lustering star actress who is mysterious and beautiful.

RMK cosmetics star product is RMK Creamy foundation N which  wraps the skin with melty texture to give firmess to the skin. 

RMK cosmetics Creamy Foundation N moisturizing ingredients such as high Argan oil and shea butter moisture effect produces radiant supple skin to give free movement of facial expression and long lasting finish effect. 

RMK cosmetics Creamy Foundation N covers pores and skin irregularities well with just a light application.  

RMK cosmetics another star product is RMK W Color Mascara which gives a different color to the upper lashes and lower lashes.

RMK cosmetics RMK W Color Mascara gives volume-up effect, for top lashes,  bright color for short under lashes.

RMK W Color Mascara is for casual and sophisticated look, adult playful balance of the two colors mascara . A new color matching to bring out the charm of eyelashes never before.







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