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VIVCO is high performance aging skin care brand

VIVCO is formulated with vitamin C, E  beautiful skin components to improve the skin strength by adopting a completely new penetration technology that firmly penetrates deep into the stratum corneum with the latest nutrients delivery technology.

VIVCO has adopted a nutirent delivery  "S / O® Technology" which was developed by the National Kyushu University Masahiro Goto Professor research team. This  nanocoated technology  has  achieved the long-term stability and high permeability  which has been considered to be extremely difficult. By covering the fragile original vitamin C, the nano-coated component firmly penetrates deep into the skin. In addition, it blends well with the skin with nano-coated component, lipophilic which gives a full clarity elastic skin.

VIVCO plumps skin firmness with hyaluronic acid hydrolysis!

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that has a high moisturizing power but hyaluronic acid is a polymer of water-soluble, so the drawback is difficult to penetrate into normal skin. Easy penetration is the hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid. VIVCO facilitates its hydrolysis penetration of the hyaluronic acid, S / O® technology which prepares to plump the skin effectively.

VIVCO Essence solves various skin troubles such as poor circulation reduced metabolism skin, open shine pores and acne skin. It gives firmness and elasticity by its skin beautifying components to tighten pores and diminish skin troubles. 

VIVCO  skin care oil carefully selected olive squalane and jojoba oil.
Squalane is very close to sebum, so it is characterized to be gentle to the skin. Jojoba oil is an amino acid, vitamin and mineral rich oil that has high permeability . 

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